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Measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

We are taking the following measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Please refrain from visiting the museum if any of the following apply to you.

  • You have a fever of 37.5°C or higher when your temperature is taken before entering the museum

  • You have cold symptoms or feel sick or unwell

  • You have returned from or traveled to another country in the past two weeks, or have had close contact with someone to whom this applies

  • Request to Guests

    Closed Artworks

    Precautions Being Taken

    • Date and Time Specific Tickets

      Tickets have set admission dates and times.

    • Limited Entry

      The number of guests inside the museum is limited to half the normal number.

    • Temperature Measurements

      Your temperature will be taken with a thermal camera before entering.

    • Anti-Virus Coating

      Surfaces inside the museum have been given antiviral coatings.

    • Frequent Disinfecting

      The museum is being frequently cleaned with disinfectant.

    • Increased Ventilation

      We have increased the ventilation in the museum.

    • Hand Dryer Suspension

      The restroom hand dryers are not available for use.

    • Protective Screen Shields

      Acrylic shields are installed at the counters to prevent the spread of airborne illnesses.

    • Employees Wear Masks

      Employees wear masks when interacting with guests. (Some employees wear face shields.)

    • Staff Health Management

      Employees are being conscious about their health. They have their temperatures taken before coming to work and are required to stay home if they have a fever or other cold symptoms.

    • Information Posts

      If it is confirmed that a COVID-19 patient has visited the museum, information will be posted on the official website.

    Ticket Refunds

    Your ticket will be refunded if you cannot come to the museum because you feel unwell.

    Depending on the situation going forward, we may limit some offerings or close the museum. In that case, a notice will be posted on the official museum website, social media, etc., so please make sure to check before visiting.

    We look forward to seeing you.

    Acquired a "COVID-19 Safety Sticker" issued by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government